Roundabout Drive

歌手 新居昭乃 
作詞 新居昭乃 
作曲 新居昭乃 
編曲 保刈久明 
閲覧数合計:2184 今月:14



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Akino Arai  - Roundabout Drive (Eden - 2004)Akino Arai - Roundabout Drive (Eden - 2004)
One i haven't seen posted around yet… one of my favorites. Enjoy!
Akino Arai - Roundabout DriveAkino Arai - Roundabout Drive
Music: Akino Arai - "Roundabout Drive" A translation of the lyrics can be found here: Neither song nor translation belongs...
Akino Arai -  バニラ (Vanilla/Eden - 2004)Akino Arai - バニラ (Vanilla/Eden - 2004)
Akino Arai - Pool (Eden - 2004)Akino Arai - Pool (Eden - 2004)

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