This world is yours

カテゴリ アニメ 銀魂 ED 10
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Gintama ED10 - Plingmin - This World is Yours FULL HQGintama ED10 - Plingmin - This World is Yours FULL HQ
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「This World Is Yours 」by プリングミン/Plingmin「This World Is Yours 」by プリングミン/Plingmin
I own nothing. I haven't uploaded video that's because my pc was broken. And now I made this video on my phone so sorry for bad picture quality (´・ω・`) ...
Gintama Ending 10Gintama Ending 10
Gintama Ending 10 "This World is yours" by plingmin.
Gintama ED10- Plingmin-This world is yoursGintama ED10- Plingmin-This world is yours
Plingmin - This world is yours Lyrics (Gintama Ending)Plingmin - This world is yours Lyrics (Gintama Ending)
I do not own the song. I made lyrics video so that people around the world knows about the song and help their channels grow and their rating too. If the song is ...

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