Twilight Songs

歌手 濱崎直子 
作詞 濱崎直子 
作曲 濱崎直子 
編曲 濱崎直子 
カテゴリ アニメ ヤマトタケル ED 2
閲覧数合計:1183 今月:11



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「Twilight Songs」濱崎直子「Twilight Songs」濱崎直子
Twilight Songs Yamato Takeru - Naoko Hamasaki EndingTwilight Songs Yamato Takeru - Naoko Hamasaki Ending
Yamato Takeru (ヤマトタケル) 2nd ending Naoko Hamasaki (濱崎直子) sorry! no translations available at this time but translations are welcome! And please, do not ask me how...
Yamato takeru twilight songsYamato takeru twilight songs
Ending no 2 of the series Yamato Takeru/Maxbot. Vocals by Hamasaki Naoko.
Yamato Takeru ED 2 - "Twilight Songs" - Naoko HamasakiYamato Takeru ED 2 - "Twilight Songs" - Naoko Hamasaki
Yamato Takeru Ending 2. Again, sorry for the horrible quality. But this is what we get from transferring VHS's onto the computer.

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