歌手 村田あゆみ 
作詞 志倉千代丸 
作曲 志倉千代丸 
編曲 中西亮輔 
カテゴリ ゲーム 孕戦姫~堕王の聖母~ テーマソング
閲覧数合計:1188 今月:2




Ayumi Murata - Shining StarAyumi Murata - Shining Star
The ending theme song of Memories Off 3.5 All rights go to Ayumi Murata and her label.
Ayumi Murata - Pastel (MV)Ayumi Murata - Pastel (MV)
村田あゆみ - パステル (PV) Another Ayumi I found on niconico (fully, this is already on here but it cuts off like half way through?) and this is for Pastel and it's ...
Ayumi Murata - Happiness! (MV)Ayumi Murata - Happiness! (MV)
村田あゆみ - はぴねす! (PV) Another video I found hunting on niconico is Ayumi's music video for Happiness! This one's super cute ♥ I do have a couple other ...
Ayumi Murata - HiKaRi (MV Preview)Ayumi Murata - HiKaRi (MV Preview)
村田あゆみ - HiKaRi (PV プレビュー) Sooooooo for Christmas ya gal got Ayumi's CD for the single HiKaRi! Aaaaand it also came with a DVD of the MVs for ...
Ayumi Murata - Drawing AgainAyumi Murata - Drawing Again
Memories Off ~sorekara again~ Opening.

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