Bring up...LOVE

歌手 nayuta 
作詞 矢吹俊郎 
作曲 矢吹俊郎 
編曲 矢吹俊郎 
カテゴリ アニメ Candy boy ED 2
閲覧数合計:2165 今月:13



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Candy boy DVD special - Bring up...LOVE - nayuta [Vietsub kara]Candy boy DVD special - Bring up...LOVE - nayuta [Vietsub kara]
Vietsubbed by [Silver Moon] This is full version of Candy boy Ending 03 sung by nayuta ED04 in Episode 07 named "romance" 主題 ...
Candy Boy -  Bring up LOVE Full Version [DVD][ENG subs]Candy Boy - Bring up LOVE Full Version [DVD][ENG subs]
A song from Candy Boy. [SHiN-gx] Candy Boy - Bring up... LOVE - Full Version [DVD][720x480 AR h.264 FLAC]
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English Lyrics: Looking back into the past, looking at myself My heart becomes calm If I could have an innocent dream, I'd be a little more happier Simple things ...
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Ello all, had power outages so sorry for delayed comment input. Anyway, this here was mainly Riyuna's work and I hope you like it. :D - Kohta So, this is a mix of ...
Nayuta - hope Vocal ver. [+English translation]Nayuta - hope Vocal ver. [+English translation]

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