Nothin' to Lose

歌手 Leah Dizon 
作詞 Leah Dizon 
作曲 HIRO 
閲覧数合計:265 今月:2



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Leah Dizon - Nothin' to LoseLeah Dizon - Nothin' to Lose
Nothin' to Lose as performed Leah Dizon by from her Album Communication!!! I do not own this music nor make any copyright claims.
Leah Dizon - Nothin' to Lose (duet cover)Leah Dizon - Nothin' to Lose (duet cover)
Since we both really liked this song a lot, we decided to sing a duet cover. Sorry for the bad quality btw, but Adobe Premiere didn't work along.
Leah Dizon リア・ディゾン - Nothin To Lose and Lyrics and Few PicsLeah Dizon リア・ディゾン - Nothin To Lose and Lyrics and Few Pics
Leah Dizon - Nothin To Lose with Lyrics and some Pics Copyright music to leah dizon He played with confidence The spoiled prince So quick to call my bluff But I won't press my luck ...
Leah Dizon ~ Nothin' To LoseLeah Dizon ~ Nothin' To Lose
Leah Dizon Communication Nothin' To Lose.

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