Shout it loud

歌手 Scudelia Electro 
作詞 石田小吉 
作曲 石田小吉 
編曲 Scudelia Electro 
カテゴリ アニメ 王ドロボウJING OP
閲覧数合計:11199 今月:90



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King of the Bandit Jing Opening Full (Shout it Loud)King of the Bandit Jing Opening Full (Shout it Loud)
King of bandit jing op full.
王ドロボウJING OP「shout it loud」王ドロボウJING OP「shout it loud」
王ドロボウJINGのOP 画像は拾ったのを適当に.
King of Bandit Jing Shout it LoudKing of Bandit Jing Shout it Loud
Anime:King of Bandit Jing Soug:Scudelia Electro::Shout it Loud *don't own anything in the video, including the audio and picture. The credits go to the respective owners. This video is purely...
「Shout it loud」/轟音-GO ON-「Shout it loud」/轟音-GO ON-
DATE:2013/05/03 ARTIST:轟音-GO ON- @DRUM-B9 V2 「I・CHI・GE・KI《一撃》~MASATO~」 「Blue dream」 「Wild dancer」http://you...

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