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Dir En Grey - Hydra  666 (Uroboros Remastered & Expanded)Dir En Grey - Hydra 666 (Uroboros Remastered & Expanded)
Uroboros Remastered & Expanded iTunes: http://ter.ly/1x23tSy | Googleplay: http://ter.ly/1GAHFwU Amazon: http://ter.ly/1BCzvDo | Omega Order: ...
[subbed] Dir en grey - Hydra -666-[subbed] Dir en grey - Hydra -666-
I wanted to do this sub since a few months already, because this song is one of my personal favorites. The official translation is - to put it nicely - weird.
Dir en grey - Hydra 666 - Live at the Budokan 2010Dir en grey - Hydra 666 - Live at the Budokan 2010
Dir en grey playing Hydra -666- at Nippon Budokan in Japan, during Uroboros - With the Proof in the Name of Living. Hydra -666- is a bonus track from the ...
[PV] Dir en grey - HYDRA -666-[PV] Dir en grey - HYDRA -666-
PV by Dir en grey Lyrics: doro ni tsukete arai kazase kao o koumuru omae wa kami? DEAD BORN I will feel pity for you 666 All you have is just a facade ...
DIR EN GREY - HYDRA -666- (AQA disc 2)DIR EN GREY - HYDRA -666- (AQA disc 2)
Support DIR EN GREY, buy the original DVD! HYDRA -666- (Live) TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Ratio ducat, non fortuna 2011.11.11 TOKYO DOME CITY HALL ...

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