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Dir en Grey- Drain AwayDir en Grey- Drain Away
Band:Dir en Grey Album:Vulgar(2003) Song:Drain Away.
Dir en grey - 07 - DRAIN AWAY [vulgarism live]Dir en grey - 07 - DRAIN AWAY [vulgarism live]
DRAIN AWAY is a song from the album Vulgar. Code Of Vulgarism was one of Dir en grey's best tours in terms of dress as well as music. Enjoy, and please rate ...
[subbed] Dir en grey - Drain away[subbed] Dir en grey - Drain away
While subbing this I suddenly remembered why I procrastinated this for so long. To put it nicely, it was exhausting; haha. Instead of subbing the PV, I picked the ...
Dir en Grey - Drain Away (Subtitulado Español)Dir en Grey - Drain Away (Subtitulado Español)
Drain Away - Dir en grey (subtitulado Español por Japan Revolution)
Dir en grey - DRAIN AWAY (PV)Dir en grey - DRAIN AWAY (PV)
Dir en grey - DRAIN AWAY (PV)

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