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DIR EN GREY - 【KR】cube [PV] [SUB] [HD]DIR EN GREY - 【KR】cube [PV] [SUB] [HD]
The PV for 【KR】cube, upscaled to HD with optional subtitles. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video...
DiRu - [KR]CubeDiRu - [KR]Cube
Taken from Arche Concert 05 February 2016 -A song from album "Macabre" (2000)
Dir en grey - [KR] Cube (English Subs)Dir en grey - [KR] Cube (English Subs)
Dir en grey - [KR] Cube Original lyrics by Kyo Translated by chibiwaru.
Dir en Grey -【KR】cube [Audio/HQ]Dir en Grey -【KR】cube [Audio/HQ]
01.【KR】cube Lyrics written by Kyo, music composed by Dir en Grey. 【KR】cube - Single by Dir en Grey More Information: Released: June 7, 2000 Recorded: ...
[subbed] Dir en grey - [KR] Cube[subbed] Dir en grey - [KR] Cube
Notes: 1) 1:01 - In one of the traditional Japanese children's play, the "Oni" covers his or her eyes with a blindfold, and tries to catch the other players just by the ...

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