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BLUE RAINに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Okiayu Ryoutarou - Blue RainOkiayu Ryoutarou - Blue Rain
Title: Blue Rain Artist: Okiayu Ryoutarou Anime: Future GPX: Cyber Formula Character: Franz Heinelfrom I don't claim to own anything and I don't make any ...
Rain -  Ryoutarou Okiayu (Marmalade Boy) - Subtitulado EspañolRain - Ryoutarou Okiayu (Marmalade Boy) - Subtitulado Español
Okiyau Ryoutarou - RainOkiyau Ryoutarou - Rain
Title: Rain Artist: Okiyau Ryoutarou If anyone knows what album it's from, please let me know so I can add that to the description :) I don't claim to own anything ...
Okiayu Ryoutarou - Bi Guilty (+mp3 download link)Okiayu Ryoutarou - Bi Guilty (+mp3 download link)
Title: Bi Guilty Artist: Okiayu Ryoutarou Anime: Onegai My Melody Character: Keiichi Hiiragi I don't claim to own anything and I don't make any money from this.
Marmalade Boy  - RainMarmalade Boy - Rain
Vocals: Koyama Yuka. Escenas del capitulo 32 de la serie La Familia Crece. En la que Yuu participa en el concierto del Festival del Amor. Letra Ame no naka ...

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