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作曲 Dir en grey 
編曲 Dir en grey 
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Dir en grey - Obscure [[UNCUT]]Dir en grey - Obscure [[UNCUT]]
Yeah yeah okay people. Obscure is a popular song by Dir en grey. It is quite obviously, judging from all the -wonderful- comments, controversial and kicks ...
Dir en grey-Obscure (Uncensored)Dir en grey-Obscure (Uncensored)
Dir en grey-Obscure (Uncensored)
Dir en Grey - Obscure LyricsDir en Grey - Obscure Lyrics
Hey guys, enough with the rude comments. If you're going to do that then mail each other or something, or I'll disable comments, okay? Thanks.
Dir en Grey- ObscureDir en Grey- Obscure
Band:Dir en Grey Album:Vulgar(2003) Song:Obscure.
Dir en Grey - Obscure (2011 version)Dir en Grey - Obscure (2011 version)
Image and Song belongs to Dir en grey. I just bought their single. So please don't delete my videos. SO ! There was a BIG PROBLEM with the other video.

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