歌手 Dir en grey 
作曲 Dir en grey 
編曲 Dir en grey 
閲覧数合計:1996 今月:19




Dir en Grey- AmberDir en Grey- Amber
Band:Dir en Grey Album:Vulgar(2003) Song:Amber.
Dir en grey - Amber [PV]Dir en grey - Amber [PV]
Dir en grey - Amber [PV]
DIR EN GREY - AMBER (歌詞 / subtítulos en español)DIR EN GREY - AMBER (歌詞 / subtítulos en español)
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Dir en Grey-Amber [English Sub]Dir en Grey-Amber [English Sub]
Song: Amber Artist: Dir en Grey Live: Code of Vulgar[ism] This is pretty much the same as my other Amber vid! But I got a request for the live version of it. Anyway ...
[subbed] Dir en grey - Amber[subbed] Dir en grey - Amber
Gosh, I finally managed to translate this song on my own. This was so overdue. After all these years I'm still deeply in love with this song, the lyrics and this ...

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