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Blassreiter DD (English ver.) LyricsBlassreiter DD (English ver.) Lyrics
Blassreiter DD (English Version) with Lyrics I do not own the song or the picture. Lyrics: Another trophy won But somethings lost Your world collapses As my heart turns numb ...
DD(Full Song)-Itou Kanako [FRENCH VER.]DD(Full Song)-Itou Kanako [FRENCH VER.]
DL Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rkm6alxy8l1c78m/Blassreiter_-_DD.mp3 Yes yes she sings strangely in French but who cares. It's the beat and if you can flow with it that matters. Not...
Itou Kanako - D.DItou Kanako - D.D
Oh yea! I'm all n around with my search for all of her best tracks. Particularly this one, cause I want to find it's English version. ...(sigh... so sentimental) T,T If it so happens that someone...
Still ~English Ver.~ [ Itou Kanako ]Still ~English Ver.~ [ Itou Kanako ]
Togainu no chi Still english version - Itou kanako.
Itou Kanako - Sweet LiesItou Kanako - Sweet Lies
Blassreiter Original Soundtrack.

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