dead tree

歌手 Dir en grey 
作曲 Dir en grey 
編曲 Dir en grey 
閲覧数合計:1849 今月:10



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Dir en Grey- Dead TreeDir en Grey- Dead Tree
Band:Dir en Grey Album:Withering to Death(2005) Song:Dead Tree.
Dir en grey - Dead Tree PVDir en grey - Dead Tree PV
It's the Dir en grey Dead Tree PV. Interesting.. it needs a bit more light though.
Dir en Grey - Dead Tree [HD] (Live at NIPPON BUDOKAN)Dir en Grey - Dead Tree [HD] (Live at NIPPON BUDOKAN)
From Dum Spiro Spero At Nippon Budokan BD. Support Dir en Grey! Buy original DVD or BD: DVD - BD ...
Dir en Grey Dead Tree (Live)Dir en Grey Dead Tree (Live)
Wacken Open Air. From Uroboros Deluxe CD 2.
[subbed] Dir en grey - dead tree[subbed] Dir en grey - dead tree
Notes: 1) "kareki", the 'dead tree' also could be translated as 'withered tree'. I decided to go with the first one because of the song's title, but when you take a look ...

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