Rainy Lady

歌手 ON/OFF 
作詞 古屋真 
作曲 馬場一嘉 
編曲 馬場一嘉 
閲覧数合計:1201 今月:5



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05. Sayonara Rainy Lady (さよならレイニーレイディ) /SiSH05. Sayonara Rainy Lady (さよならレイニーレイディ) /SiSH
Tokyo 7th Sisters does not belong to me. Rightfully belongs to Donuts. All I want is to post music for fans to enjoy.
"Rainy Lady" by Bill Welsh"Rainy Lady" by Bill Welsh
"Rainy Lady" by Bill Welsh from the album "All You Need" released 1985 on One Man Band Records written by Bill Welsh copyright 1985..

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