歌手 doa 
作詞 吉本大樹 
作曲 徳永暁人 
編曲 徳永暁人 
閲覧数合計:226 今月:2




DOA music video-New Year RevolutionDOA music video-New Year Revolution
DOA wishes u happy 2007.
Tikki and The Revolution DOA PracticeTikki and The Revolution DOA Practice
This was a practice run of the DOA skit from Tikki and The Revolution at Katsucon 2007. This is from about a month before the con, and we didn't have the costumes ready yet. The idea was...
Bernie Sanders' "Revolution" DOA?Bernie Sanders' "Revolution" DOA?
Over half of the organization's staff quit over disapproval of appointed leadership and potential to solicit large donations, contradicting Sanders' grassroots ethos The next phase of Bernie...
Animasi VCD Doa Vol 1 oleh wira revolution.flvAnimasi VCD Doa Vol 1 oleh wira revolution.flv
Doa   Sawung Jabo   NoS RevolutionDoa Sawung Jabo NoS Revolution
Ucok Hutabarat - Biola Erwin Sianturi - Bass Jacky Sembiring - Gitar Elektrik Roy n' Roll - Drum / Perkusi Daud Erwin - Keyboard Markus Sirait - Sulim, Irish Whistle Latihan Penggarapan album...

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