歌手 タイナカサチ 
作詞 松村龍二 
作曲 板垣祐介 
編曲 板垣祐介 
カテゴリ ゲーム Fate/unlimited codes 主題歌
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Code -Tainaka SachiCode -Tainaka Sachi
From Fate/Unlimited Codes I'm not giving dl links, sorry. Go ask anon or something.
Fate/Unlimited Codes OP theme (Code by Tainaka Sachi)Fate/Unlimited Codes OP theme (Code by Tainaka Sachi)
Song : Code Artist: Tainaka Sachi I do not own the song, but if anyone wants to dl it go to & type Sachi Tainaka - Fate Unlimited Codes in the ...
Fate/Unlimited Codes Menu Music (PS2) タイナカサチ 『コード』Fate/Unlimited Codes Menu Music (PS2) タイナカサチ 『コード』
Fate/Unlimited Codes | 2008 | Playstation 2 Artist: Tainaka Sachi Song: Code My experiments continue. This time, I took a look at how NTSC will work. I knew ...
Fate Unlimited Codes OP - Code FULL (LYRICS)Fate Unlimited Codes OP - Code FULL (LYRICS)
Fate Unlimited Codes OP I do not own this song. This was put up for entertainment purposes. Sung by Tainaka Sachi Lyrics: boku ha koko ni iru Ima o ikiteiru, ...
Code -Tainaka SachiCode -Tainaka Sachi
i do not own anything.

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