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LM.C - Metally ~Rock The Party 2012LM.C - Metally ~Rock The Party 2012
This is the song Metally from LM.C. I got this from the DVD Rock the Party 2012 at Nippon Budokan. I do not own something and all rights belong to LM.C!!!
Zaraki Kenpachi - MetallyZaraki Kenpachi - Metally
a tribute to Zaraki Kenpachi. song used: Metally by LM.C NOTE: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING HERE.
LM.C - METALLY coverLM.C - METALLY cover
Mortal Kombat Legacy - Metally (Fan Made Music Video)Mortal Kombat Legacy - Metally (Fan Made Music Video)
Mortal Kombat Legacy music video I made using clips from the series. Man, been a long, long time since I uploaded a new vid.
LM.C - レインメーカー【MUSIC VIDEO】LM.C - レインメーカー【MUSIC VIDEO】
2016年7月20日発売シングル「レインメーカー」のMUSIC VIDEOを公開。 【Official Site】 【Label Site】 ...

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