Roots of the King

カテゴリ 特撮 仮面ライダーキバ イメージソング
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TETRA FANG - Roots of the King PVTETRA FANG - Roots of the King PV
TETRA-FANG´s "Roots of the King" PV.
Kamen Rider Saga--Roots of the KingKamen Rider Saga--Roots of the King
Kamen Rider Saga theme TETRA-FANG Roots of the Kng.
TETRA-FANG: Roots of the King [Lyrics]TETRA-FANG: Roots of the King [Lyrics]
I'm sorry, but some of the lyrics got cropped out, I hope it isn't too much of a deal.
TETRA-FANG with Roots of the King (Holy Fang Party)TETRA-FANG with Roots of the King (Holy Fang Party)
TETRA-FANG performing "Roots of the King" at Kamen Rider Kiva´s Christmas Concert at Tokyo´s International Forum (25th December 2008). From the DVD ...
TETRA-FANG - Roots of the KingTETRA-FANG - Roots of the King
Roots Of The King TETRA-FANG Saga Tribute Lyrics here: sono te ni ukabi agaru monshou ga akashi yami no iro o atsume matou oora no you ni Roots of the ...

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