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Tetra-Fang Individual System (subbed)Tetra-Fang Individual System (subbed)
This is the music video for Tetra-fangs single "Individual System" It's the theme for Ixa. You know the drill, Tv-Nihon made the subbs, Toei made the guys famous, Tetra-fang is the awesome...
Individual-System - TETRA-FANG [English Translation]Individual-System - TETRA-FANG [English Translation]
Description: Masked Rider Kiva 2nd ending theme Lyricist = Fujibayashi Shoko Composer / Arranger = Naruse Shuhei Singer = TETRA-FANG English Translation It's a being yet unknown, it's unstoppabl...
TETRA-FANG with Individual-System (Live @ Zepp Tokyo)TETRA-FANG with Individual-System (Live @ Zepp Tokyo)
TETRA-FANG performing "Individual-System" at their 1st live concert in Zepp Tokyo (7th August 2008). From the DVD "Masked Rider Kiva - Live & Show @ Zepp Tokyo"
Individual System (Acoustic Version)- Tetra FangIndividual System (Acoustic Version)- Tetra Fang
Individual System by Tetra Fang. This is the hard to find Acoustic Version.
TETRA FANG - Individual-System InstrumentalTETRA FANG - Individual-System Instrumental
Individual-System Instrumental (Full)

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