Long Kiss Good Bye

作詞 HALCALI  北浦正尚 
作曲 北浦正尚 
編曲 北浦正尚 
カテゴリ アニメ NARUTO-ナルト-疾風伝 ED 7
閲覧数合計:94721 今月:706



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Long Kiss Good Bye [LIVE] - HALCALI Sub españolLong Kiss Good Bye [LIVE] - HALCALI Sub español
Si les guto el video pongan me gusta =).
Halcali Long Kiss Good ByeHalcali Long Kiss Good Bye
naruto shippuuden ending 7naruto shippuuden ending 7
Halcali: Long Kiss Goodbye [Male Version XD]Halcali: Long Kiss Goodbye [Male Version XD]
Ne, so I've been seeing alot of these male versions around, and I thought it sounded fun so i made some of my own XD They came out pretty good, so I figured ...
[Naruto] Long Kiss Goodbye - Halcali Cover[Naruto] Long Kiss Goodbye - Halcali Cover
I love this song! Please excuse my failed attempt at rapping. (T^T) I'm not Japanese so please excuse my pronounciation as well. I learned this song a long time ...

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