歌手 NEWS 
作詞 稀月真皓  ヒロイズム 
作曲 野井洋児 
編曲 中西亮輔 
閲覧数合計:10841 今月:181




NEWS - Forever [Kanji/Ramoji/English Sub Lyrics]NEWS - Forever [Kanji/Ramoji/English Sub Lyrics]
I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT THE VIDEO.* Lyrics from - My first video!! Enjoy~
How Donald Trump Forever Changed American Politics and NewsHow Donald Trump Forever Changed American Politics and News
The first candidate of his kind in a Jerry Springer World, DJT has forever changed and transformed media reportage of news and the collection of issue platforms ...
news forevernews forever
news forever.wmvnews forever.wmv
i used this song caz i felt it describes NEWS and what they have been through make their friendship stronger than before .. i know their some mistake in this vid ...
NEWS is Eight, ForeverNEWS is Eight, Forever
I miss the days when Uchi and Kusano where in NEWS. Made a fanvid using video clips from all over the place. EDIT. Had to change the song to a random one ...

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