You're the Only…

歌手 小野正利 
作詞 小野正利 
作曲 柘植由秀 
編曲 笹路正徳 
閲覧数合計:51541 今月:772



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小野正利 you're the only小野正利 you're the only
You're The Only...You're The Only...
He doesn't stand out in a crowd, just an average regular guy. But for my children he's a king and stands near ten feet high. He loves and understands our ...
小野正利 カラオケ小野正利 カラオケ
You're The OnlyYou're The Only
This is one of my favorite japanese song composed by Yoshihide Tsuge. Performed by Masatoshi Ono now he is known as Sho, vocalist of a japanese band ...
Masatoshi ONO (小野正利) You're the Only...Masatoshi ONO (小野正利) You're the Only...
unplugged gig@Live Pub "ACOUSTIC" in Sapporo,JAPAN. with Masayoshi"YONTANA"EGUCHI ( ...

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