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DJ OZMA - MASURAO [Subs + karaoke]DJ OZMA - MASURAO [Subs + karaoke]
I discovered how to subs videos, so I thought I had to do Masurao 8D That song is awesome~
Masurao - DJ OzmaMasurao - DJ Ozma
Disclaimer: This is a disclaimer. Since it's here, the video is obviously not mine. But this was just too gut-bustingly hilarious to ignore!! 8D Warning: Man Love ...
[Live] DJ OZMA - Masurao[Live] DJ OZMA - Masurao
DJ OZMA - Masurao Live at OFFO.
Dj Ozma - Masurao (Shinichi Osawa Remix)Dj Ozma - Masurao (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
Live DJ OZMA   MasuraoLive DJ OZMA Masurao

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