Blue Butterfly

歌手 Riryka 
作詞 Riryka 
作曲 Riryka 
編曲 原田喧太 
カテゴリ アニメ 喰霊-零- イメージソング
閲覧数合計:2808 今月:11



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Ga-Rei: Zero OST #09 Blue ButterflyGa-Rei: Zero OST #09 Blue Butterfly
09 - Blue Butterfly (Aoi Chou wo Image. Zetsubou Battle. Attouteki na Haiboku.) OST from the anime, Ga-Rei Zero. I do not own the music and/or the anime.
Gei- Re Zero OST Track 9 "Blue Butterfly" Lyrics *DOWNLOAD LINK IN DESCRIPTION*Gei- Re Zero OST Track 9 "Blue Butterfly" Lyrics *DOWNLOAD LINK IN DESCRIPTION*
PLEASE READ** Okay, these are NOT 100% accurate I can guarantee that so if you have any corrections plz, Im all ears^^"""" I decided to make this because ...
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プリマ☆ステラ    Riryka   ErogesongFull 2008プリマ☆ステラ Riryka ErogesongFull 2008
Riryka - ANDANTERiryka - ANDANTE
MR2 Project.

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