歌手 坂本真綾 
作詞 坂本真綾 
作曲 市川裕一 
編曲 市川裕一 
カテゴリ アニメ ツバサ 春雷記 OP
閲覧数合計:27658 今月:331



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SONIC BOOM Maaya Spanish SubSONIC BOOM Maaya Spanish Sub
Tsubasa Shunraiki- Sonic BoomTsubasa Shunraiki- Sonic Boom
this song don't belong to me :P I just edited this video with some moments of this animation. I hope you like it.
Tsubasa OST - Sonic BoomTsubasa OST - Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom - Maaya Sakamoto Some pictures contain Spoilers!!!!!!!! Disclaimer: I do not own the song, anime, and pictures...... Pictures: Cut from the opening...
《翼之奇幻旅程》OVA 春雷記 OP (中文字幕)《翼之奇幻旅程》OVA 春雷記 OP (中文字幕)
片頭曲:坂本真綾-「SONIC BOOM」 P.S. 加上繁體中文字幕By Sam.
Sonic Boom (full version) - Tsubasa Shunraiki OAD OP themeSonic Boom (full version) - Tsubasa Shunraiki OAD OP theme

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