歌手 doa 
作詞 大田紳一郎 
作曲 徳永暁人 
編曲 徳永暁人 
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Rush DOA entranceRush DOA entrance
DBZ - MC Rush vs Jon DOADBZ - MC Rush vs Jon DOA
Comment down below and let us know who you think won. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and share. Dragon Battlez - Fire Spitting at its Finest MC Rush vs Jon ...
D.O.A a Noir Musical - Rush to JudgementD.O.A a Noir Musical - Rush to Judgement
"D.O.A." is a classic 1950 film about a man, Frank Bigelow, who is poisoned and has 48 hours to live. He spends his last hours trying to find his murderer: femme ...
D.O.A. - Thrust RushD.O.A. - Thrust Rush
DISCIPLES OF ANNIHILATION ( D.O.A. ) DOA are Sal Mineo, Carl Carinci & Nick Marchetti (aka 'Nicky Fingers') Legendary New York City Hardcore producers ...
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