Day Soldier

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Day In the Life Episode OneDay In the Life Episode One
B-Breakerz first official "Day In the Life" Video More videos coming soon as well as music videos. B-Breakerz is a team based out of Tampa, Florida bringing new music to the scene. Follow us...
POP number Force vol.5 早稲田大学ダンスサークルSessionイベントPOP number Force vol.5 早稲田大学ダンスサークルSessionイベント
DANCE & STREET Main channel and other.記録撮影メイン、製作や写真も出来ます。基本は個人趣味の撮影です。撮影の相談やオファー、連絡は必ずメールかSNS...
[Reaction][Request] Breakerz- Real Love[Reaction][Request] Breakerz- Real Love
So this is a J-Rock video. Thanks to my good friend Sheela for requesting it~ she knows what I'm really thinking about this video haha Now this video is OLD. like it's from 2010~ but I'm just...
Ball Breakerz Invade Singapore Day 3 Part  1Ball Breakerz Invade Singapore Day 3 Part 1
The invasion of singapore day 3 part 1 Featuring the song Deliverance By Bubba Sparxx.
Owari no Hoshi no Love Song: "Muteki no Soldier" PV - SubbedOwari no Hoshi no Love Song: "Muteki no Soldier" PV - Subbed
Muteki no Soldier "Invincible Soldier" Owari no Hoshi no Love Song #5 Maeda Jun x Yanagi Nagi Sorry for the wait. I have to say that this song got unexpectedly tragic, somehow. The tone of...

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