Lollipop Candy BAD girl

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Tommy Heavenly6 - Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl (SIWAC Remix)Tommy Heavenly6 - Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl (SIWAC Remix)
A mashup of Tommy Heavenly6's "Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl", and Britney Spears's "Seal It With a Kiss". Mashup made by akira young. ↓Download link↓ ...
【UTAUカバー】 Lollipop Candy ♥ BAD ♥ girl【橘みかん】 + UST【UTAUカバー】 Lollipop Candy ♥ BAD ♥ girl【橘みかん】 + UST
Warning for flashing lights in the intro! It's pretty mild, but just in case, skip to about 50 seconds in to avoid it. Original song by Tommy heavenly6 Translation from ...
Kagome - Lollipop candy bad girl (Tommy heavenly6)Kagome - Lollipop candy bad girl (Tommy heavenly6)
Ekaterinburg, Chibifest 2008, project "Visual Cage"
【FULL】Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl Tommy heavenly6 Piano【FULL】Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl Tommy heavenly6 Piano
Played by dictation. ハロウィンの神曲を耳コピ&アレンジしてみました。 構成が似てる部分も、ちゃんとTommyが歌ってるメロディをなぞってるはず…...
Nightcore - Lollipop Candy Bad GirlNightcore - Lollipop Candy Bad Girl
Original by :Tommy Heavenly.

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