here we stand in the morning dew

歌手 貝田由里子 
作詞 梶浦由記 
作曲 梶浦由記 
編曲 梶浦由記 
閲覧数合計:1664 今月:9



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FictionJunction Yuriko KaidaFictionJunction Yuriko Kaida
Here we stand in the morning dew. i dont own this song. This song is composed by Yuki Kajiura. This song can be found from the album "Everlasting Songs" by ...
here we stand in the morning dewhere we stand in the morning dew
♫ Everlasting song ♪ (spanish acoustic cover)♫ Everlasting song ♪ (spanish acoustic cover)
3.... 2 ... 1.... *cof cof* Buen día a todoooos 8D no sé qué hago aquí a estas horas de la mañana cuando debería estar reponiendo toda la energía que gasto a la ...
FictionJunction- Hoshikuzu (male cover)FictionJunction- Hoshikuzu (male cover)
Original Vocalists: FictionJunction KEIKO/KAORI/Yuriko Kaida Composer: Kajiura Yuki I absolutely love this song!!!!!! It's so relaxing and peacefull... wahh!

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