Time After Time

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Sowelu - Time After TimeSowelu - Time After Time
I was trying to share this song on my music blog when I discovered that YouTube took down the only video of the song left. So I have to upload this. Enjoy ...
Nicola Lelean - Time After TimeNicola Lelean - Time After Time
Cover of Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time. This song has been covered by other artists including: Sowelu The Jane Bradfords Jessica Mauboy Ashley Tisdale ...
Sowelu - Get OverSowelu - Get Over
"Get Over" song & video from Sowelu's "Sweet Bridge" album of 2005. I uploaded this video so others can see just how seductively stunning Sowelu really was, ...
光 by Sowelu光 by Sowelu
across my heart by Soweluacross my heart by Sowelu

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