歌手 奥井雅美 
作詞 奥井雅美 
作曲 奥井雅美 
編曲 大平勉 
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.LOVE SHIELD  (奥井雅美).LOVE SHIELD  (奥井雅美)
「恋する乙女と守護の楯 Portable」主題歌.
Zeograd × Kuro Nuko - Total EclipseZeograd × Kuro Nuko - Total Eclipse
Cover of "Total Eclipse" from Masami Okui. A different style of music for expanding horizons. It was really interesting, we hope you'll enjoy it. + cover credits: ...
Masami Okui Akasha http://jamprojectworld.proboards.com/index.cgi.
【Zeograd x Kuro Nuko】Total Eclipse Preview (Click the link!)【Zeograd x Kuro Nuko】Total Eclipse Preview (Click the link!)
Maybe read this? If you're interested... ? OwO? Hi guys, this is not the full video I got here for you but it is something special that you'll see in Zeograd's channel ...
Masami Okui = God SpeedMasami Okui = God Speed
Masami Okui's God Speed from the album God Speed I do not own this song or the album art included, nor do I reserve any of the right for either.

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