Private place

歌手 彩音 
作詞 志倉千代丸 
作曲 志倉千代丸 
編曲 磯江俊道 
カテゴリ ゲーム 龍刻 OP
読みぷりべいと ぷれす
閲覧数合計:12090 今月:34



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【MAD】HUNTERxHUNTER 幻影旅団編 クラピカ 「彩音-Private Place」【MAD】HUNTERxHUNTER 幻影旅団編 クラピカ 「彩音-Private Place」
BGM:彩音-Private Place Hunter x Hunter MAD.
[PS2] 龍刻 Ryu-Koku - PV[PS2] 龍刻 Ryu-Koku - PV
Bishoujo game "Ryu-Koku" PV Release: 9/21/2006 Production: KID Illust: Koshimizu Takayuki Scenario: Takerube Nobuaki, Takami Kazuhide Song: Private place Sing: Ayane Lyric: Shikura Chiyomaru...
[TECHPARA] Private Place / 彩音 [HYPER 萌 TRANCE MIX][TECHPARA] Private Place / 彩音 [HYPER 萌 TRANCE MIX]
Private Place / 彩音 [HYPER 萌 TRANCE MIX] Source : SEF Dancer : Zacky, VVN Video Edit: NEWS 2016.12.17 - LoVin'ToNIte #102 Techno講習会 LoVin'ToNIte:
Ayane (彩音) - ARCHIVE LOVERS Trance MedleyAyane (彩音) - ARCHIVE LOVERS Trance Medley
Album: ARCHIVE LOVERS (2007) [CD2] Artist: Ayane (彩音)
Private Place 2 (The OP song of love game Ryukoku by KID)Private Place 2 (The OP song of love game Ryukoku by KID)
This is the assignment version 2 of AD design class in NTUA.I love this song, so I film for it.And it is a gift for KID company which brings me many "unreal love experiences" and happiness.Just...

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