First kiss

作曲 新井理生 
カテゴリ アニメ ゼロの使い魔 OP 1
読みふぁーすと きす
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First Kiss By ICHIKOFirst Kiss By ICHIKO
opening theme from Zero no Tsukaima Song: First Kiss Artist: ICHIKO English Lyrics The History of our love started from our First kiss I casted magic on my destiny and you suddenly...
Ichiko - First Kiss LiveIchiko - First Kiss Live
ENGLISH First Kiss - Familiar of ZeroENGLISH First Kiss - Familiar of Zero
CLICK for more~! (Mp3 download, lyrics, etc.) Song: First Kiss (TV Size) Original Artist: Ichiko Anime: The Familiar of Zero ❥ENGLISH ADAPTATION: Lyrics: Nicole Martino Vocals: Akano...
Nightcore - First KissNightcore - First Kiss
First Kiss by Ichiko If you like this pls Like and Supscribe pls and If you want song Tell me I Accept ALL OFFER!!!
First Kiss - Ichiko (Zero no Tsukaima OP1) Pop Rock Band CoverFirst Kiss - Ichiko (Zero no Tsukaima OP1) Pop Rock Band Cover
Here's another anime op cover! This time to First Kiss by Ichiko from Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero). Hope i didn't ruin this too much hahaha. Also sorry if my pronunciation is horrid! haha.

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