We'd get there someday

編曲 十川知司 
カテゴリ アニメ まぶらほ ED
読みうぃーど げっと ぜあ さむでい
閲覧数合計:3989 今月:21



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ichiko We'd Get There Someday lyricsichiko We'd Get There Someday lyrics
Maburaho Ending Theme Song (FULL) -- We'd Get There Someday by ICHIKOMaburaho Ending Theme Song (FULL) -- We'd Get There Someday by ICHIKO
This is the ending theme song "We'd Get There Someday" by "ICHIKO" for the anime "Maburaho". This is one of the best harem anime out there, so enjoy! Lyrics: Mukashibanashi wo suru hodo...
~Maburaho[まぶらほ]~We'd Get There Someday~Ichiko[イチコ]~~Maburaho[まぶらほ]~We'd Get There Someday~Ichiko[イチコ]~
This is the full version of We'd Get There Someday by Ichiko. Enjoy! Pls rate and comment! If you want the song, pls give me a message. Anime used: Maburaho Song used: We'd Get There Someday...
Maburaho Ending - We´d get there someday with LyricsMaburaho Ending - We´d get there someday with Lyrics
Re-Upload Song: We´d get there someday Artist: ICHIKO Anime: Maburaho Lyrics: mukashibanashi wo suru hodo ikita no kana? fuzake audake janakute ima wo katariaeru Now, I've gotta say I...
Ichiko-We'd get there somedayIchiko-We'd get there someday
Ichiko Maburaho ending Made by Zion brown.

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