Over The Distance

歌手 矢井田瞳 
作詞 Yaiko 
作曲 Yaiko 
読みおぅばー ざ でぃすたんす
閲覧数合計:15433 今月:127



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矢井田 瞳 - Over The Distance矢井田 瞳 - Over The Distance
矢井田瞳 over the distance 高画質 高音質矢井田瞳 over the distance 高画質 高音質
途中、静音時にシトシト音が聞こえますが雷が鳴っている雨降りの時に録りました。 オーディオブログを書いています、よろしければ見ていって...
Over the distanceOver the distance
English Translation? Riding on a deep blue wave which continues endlessly My imagination swells And I forget about all the changes around me, which I dislike ...
Ouendan - Over the Distance HD - Subtitled - Nintendo DSOuendan - Over the Distance HD - Subtitled - Nintendo DS
A beautiful song and gameplay from the game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan for the Nintendo DS. This game was released in 2005, but I just recently heard about it ...

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