something in my head

歌手 Rie fu 
作詞 Rie fu 
作曲 Rie fu 
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Rie Fu - 5 minutesRie Fu - 5 minutes
Artist: Rie Fu Title: 5 minutes Album: Rose Album Lyrics: 5 minutes to wash my face And 5 minutes to wear my make up Maybe I'll run out of time today 5 minutes ...
Elsword NA - Diemension of Sinster Intent Stages 26 - 30 - Fun w/ WSElsword NA - Diemension of Sinster Intent Stages 26 - 30 - Fun w/ WS
0:03 BH Stage 26 | 3:51 LK Stage 27 | 10:17 BM Stage 28 | 14:44 Chung Stage 29 | 18:36 CAv Stage 30 Recorded on July 8th and 21st ~ 23rd, 2017 across 2 ...
Demo01 - Life Is Like A Boat - Rie FuDemo01 - Life Is Like A Boat - Rie Fu
I call this a Demo because.. it's not a final version. I might create another version next time, if I ever get better (or a talent necessary to do so.) This song has been ...
Rickolus -- Something In My HeadRickolus -- Something In My Head
My friend Mark Hubbard came over to the Green Shed Studio to capture some footage of me recording on my four track, this is Live video of a cassette four track ...
Tribute to 15 years of BleachTribute to 15 years of Bleach
August 2001 to August 2016. 74 Volumes and 15 years of Bleach. Been a long road this series has been down. It will be missed. Thanks for all your work on the ...

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