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ニルギリス/Cosmology feat. The LASTTRAKニルギリス/Cosmology feat. The LASTTRAK
ラスト・アルバム『チュクリ』からのMV第二弾! 『チュクリ』↓ Cosmology feat. The LASTTRAK Lyrics by.
Deadman Wonderland - Shiny Shiny (english+romaji lyrics)Deadman Wonderland - Shiny Shiny (english+romaji lyrics)
english+romaji lyrics from deadman wonderland ending song: Nirgilis - Shiny Shiny entertainment purpose only.
♥ Nightcore - Sakura (Akinyan Electro Remix) ♥♥ Nightcore - Sakura (Akinyan Electro Remix) ♥
Really two Sakura's in a row? How crazy is that?! XD This video is up a bit later than I planned. ;-; I messed up with the first render and the video got cut short by ...
Let's Play Eureka Seven Vol. 2 [Blind], Episode 15: Broken FriendshipsLet's Play Eureka Seven Vol. 2 [Blind], Episode 15: Broken Friendships
This scene has some pretty fuckin great music. I just gotta say that. Anyway, all the friendship titles. This Let's Play is getting a lot of titles like this where I use the ...

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