Orient Line

歌手 新居昭乃 
作詞 新居昭乃 
作曲 新居昭乃  保刈久明 
編曲 保刈久明 
閲覧数合計:759 今月:7



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新居昭乃 Orient Line (piano solo cover)新居昭乃 Orient Line (piano solo cover)
アルバム「ソラノスフィア」より。 Arai Akino : "Orient Line" my solo piano arrangement.
Arai Akino - Sora no Sphere #8Arai Akino - Sora no Sphere #8
Song: Orient Line Notes: Another more rock-ish song from arai. I happen to like it's added energy after NORBUGLINGKA. This album is copyright to Arai Akino ...
Orient Lines Mediterranean VoyageOrient Lines Mediterranean Voyage
Exploring the Mediterranean with Orient Lines. Promotional Travelogues filmed on location in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Spain. Client: Orient Lines ...
新居昭乃 砂の岸辺 (piano solo cover)新居昭乃 砂の岸辺 (piano solo cover)
ピアノソロアレンジです。 Arai Akino : "suna no kishibe" my piano solo arrangement.
新居昭乃 祝祭の前 (piano solo cover 1st try)新居昭乃 祝祭の前 (piano solo cover 1st try)
ピアノソロアレンジです。サーっという背景音はセミの鳴き声です。 Arai Akino : "shukusai no mae" my piano solo arrangement.sorry for some mistakes.

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