歌手 新居昭乃 
作詞 新居昭乃 
作曲 新居昭乃 
編曲 保刈久明 
閲覧数合計:1102 今月:9




新居昭乃 Lhasa vocal+piano新居昭乃 Lhasa vocal+piano
4th アキノ&コトリセッション @下北沢 Sound Studio NOAH 2009.11.28 ※音質改善による再アップ。 歌:polkazur ピアノ&楽譜:mikatsuki10.
Arai Akino - Sora no Sphere - LhasaArai Akino - Sora no Sphere - Lhasa
Song: Lhasa Notes: another more slower piece, but it has begun to grow on me little by little This album is copyright to Arai Akino and her album label, also, ...
Akino Arai (新居昭乃) - Kakusei Toshi (覚醒都市) - LiveAkino Arai (新居昭乃) - Kakusei Toshi (覚醒都市) - Live
A rare live for radio. Piano and Guitar ! http://arai-akino.com/ http://vanjmusic.com/
Arai Akino - Sora no Sphere - At EdenArai Akino - Sora no Sphere - At Eden
Song: At Eden Notes: I remember hearing a version of this song on her VHmusic album and liking it. This full studio version is even more enjoyable. This album ...
Arai Akino - Sora no Sphere - Monday, TuesdayArai Akino - Sora no Sphere - Monday, Tuesday
Song: Monday, Tuesday Notes: I love the intro to this song and the interesting feel it has. It's kind of like "happy, but somewhat melancholy". It's hard to explain ...

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