Wings of Blue

歌手 新居昭乃 
作詞 新居昭乃 
作曲 新居昭乃 
編曲 保刈久明 
閲覧数合計:813 今月:10



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Arai Akino - Sora no Sphere - Wings of BlueArai Akino - Sora no Sphere - Wings of Blue
Song: Wings of Blue Notes: It's Happy Arai, which is not all that bad honestly. I like how it reminds me of her former happy-ish songs. This album is copyright to ...
Akino Arai (新居昭乃) - Kakusei Toshi (覚醒都市) - LiveAkino Arai (新居昭乃) - Kakusei Toshi (覚醒都市) - Live
A rare live for radio. Piano and Guitar !
新居昭乃 太陽の塔 (piano solo cover)新居昭乃 太陽の塔 (piano solo cover)
アルバム「ソラノスフィア」より。 Arai Akino : "taiyoh no tou"(Tower of the Sun) my piano solo arrangement.
新居昭乃 太陽の塔 cover lisn新居昭乃 太陽の塔 cover lisn

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