Shut up

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My Top Anime Songs of 2008My Top Anime Songs of 2008
Itazura na Kiss ED1 - Kataomoi Fighter by GO!GO!7188 Rosario + Vampire Capu2 ED1 - Trinity Cross by Nana Mizuki Shigofumi OP1 - Kotodama by Ali Project ...
euRO WoE [03-03-13] Aurora - ~Iku~ Arch BishopeuRO WoE [03-03-13] Aurora - ~Iku~ Arch Bishop
euRO Server - Aurora Guild Musics: - Shut Up And Explode by Boom Boom Satellites - I'm Your Devil by Tommy Heavenly6 - Spell by Lama.
My Top Anime Openings and Endings Songs of 2005 to 2009My Top Anime Openings and Endings Songs of 2005 to 2009
Very strong batch. Golden songs of this years. Song list: 2005-2009 Darker than Black OP1 “Howling” by Abingdon Boys School Chaos;Head TV OP1 “F.D.D” by ...
Hetalia Theme Songs~Hetalia Theme Songs~
Hello people! So this is just a short video I made with the help of a couple friends and yeah. First video ever, blah blah blah... Intro: It's Time by Imagine Dragons ...

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