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[MALE VERSION] Tommy february6 - Lonely In Gorgeous[MALE VERSION] Tommy february6 - Lonely In Gorgeous
I couldn't really find an anime pic that I liked, so I decided to stick with a live-action pic. I have still yet to watch the live action of Paradise Kiss, but I remember that ...
My Top Anime Songs of 2008My Top Anime Songs of 2008
Itazura na Kiss ED1 - Kataomoi Fighter by GO!GO!7188 Rosario + Vampire Capu2 ED1 - Trinity Cross by Nana Mizuki Shigofumi OP1 - Kotodama by Ali Project ...
Hetalia Theme Songs~Hetalia Theme Songs~
Hello people! So this is just a short video I made with the help of a couple friends and yeah. First video ever, blah blah blah... Intro: It's Time by Imagine Dragons ...
My Top 50 Anime Opening - 2008My Top 50 Anime Opening - 2008
J-Songs Channel : ©Maniataku This is just my opinion :) Feel free to comment your favourite if it ranked low / not in the chart. Hope you'll ...

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