歌手 ナイトメア 
作詞 RUKA 
作曲 咲人 
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Nightmare - ParadeNightmare - Parade
Parade by Nightmare. Enjoy :) I do not own this song or have anything to do with the band or anything. This video was made purely for fans :)
FAKE TYPE Nightmare ParadeFAKE TYPE Nightmare Parade
歌詞を手打ちしました、間違ってたらごめんなさい。Nightmare Parade ふと目を瞑ればやってくる ぐーぐー鳴らしてやってくる のんびりゆったりやっ...
Nightmare - Parade ~Parade Tour Final Majestic~Nightmare - Parade ~Parade Tour Final Majestic~
Music second DVD ~Parade Tour Final Majestic~
.:Nightmare parade:. (original).:Nightmare parade:. (original)
I dont own the audio. song can be found here: feel free to make your own if you want! ------------------------ Copyright ...
[MMD] 2p!Hetalia - Nightmare Parade (AT) ||FULL MEME||[MMD] 2p!Hetalia - Nightmare Parade (AT) ||FULL MEME||
These are the names I stick with for the 2p!Awesome Trio 2p!Denmark : Markell Køhler 2p!America : Allen Jones 2p!Prussia : Gilen Beilschmidt I wasn't planning ...

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