Never surrender

カテゴリ 特撮 時空警察ハイペリオン OP
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Okita Souji ~ HakuoukiOkita Souji ~ Hakuouki
Hakuouki - Okita SoujiHakuouki - Okita Souji
In memory of Okita Souji...
Souji Okita: tuberculosis~ Hakuouki (eng sub)Souji Okita: tuberculosis~ Hakuouki (eng sub)
Souji Okita, clips from the anime Hakuouki. Souji Okita was a real person that had tuberculosis. He was the First Unit Captain of the Shinsengumi. This video shows Okita's diagnosis of Tuberculosi...
☾Hakuouki☽ ❀ In мэмoґy of Okita Sōji ❀ (沖田 総司)☾Hakuouki☽ ❀ In мэмoґy of Okita Sōji ❀ (沖田 総司)
SPOILERS* DON'T SEE IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED EPISODE 18 ~PLEASE WATCH IN HD~ I don't have anything to say..I knew this was going to happen anyway...I loved Okita so much T_______T I told myself...

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