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abingdon boys school 『JAP』abingdon boys school 『JAP』
http://www.aabbss.com 2009年5月20日リリース abingdon boys schoolの6thシングル PSP用ゲームソフト『戦国BASARAバトルヒーローズ』主題歌 MBS・TBS・CBC他にてオン...
Sengoku Basara Triple Tribute (戦国BASARA トリプルトリビュート)Sengoku Basara Triple Tribute (戦国BASARA トリプルトリビュート)
This is a video I made strictly on a whim, much like my "What's My Destiny (Kai version)" video I made. I have just recently gotten into a very fun and hot-blooded show called Sengoku Basara,...
Abingdon Boys School - JAP (Cover by Phoenix Ash) 【戦国BASARA】Abingdon Boys School - JAP (Cover by Phoenix Ash) 【戦国BASARA】
Original music: Abingdon Boys School Cover by: Phoenix Ash Phoenix Ash LOVES Abingdon Boys School, so we knew we had to cover them. Here is one of our favoites; "JAP," from their "Abingdon...
Abingdon Boys School - JAP LiveAbingdon Boys School - JAP Live
ABS - Jap Tokyo 2010.
【カラオケ】JAP/abingdon boys school【カラオケ】JAP/abingdon boys school
TBSテレビ系アニメ「戦国BASARA」オープニング カプコン社ゲーム「戦国BASARA バトルヒーローズ」主題歌.

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