Dream~The ally of~

カテゴリ ゲーム D.C.~ダ・カーポ~ ED
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rino 【Dream ~The ally of~】rino 【Dream ~The ally of~】
Dream ~The ally of~/rinoDream ~The ally of~/rino
Dream ~The ally of~ is the ending theme for D.C. ~Da Capo~, performed by rino. EDIT: Lyrics added. Enable CC to view. Download Link (FLAC): https://mega.nz/#!4WoXkRgA!Sxx26TuzYF6iQloo7MyY255DC0x...
【D.C. 〜ダ・カーポ〜】Dream ~The ally of~ - rino【D.C. 〜ダ・カーポ〜】Dream ~The ally of~ - rino
PCゲーム - D.C. 〜ダ・カーポ〜 ED エンディングテーマ『Dream ~The ally of~』 D.C. ~Da Capo~ ED theme.
Da Capo - Dream ~The ally of~ (Nemu) THDa Capo - Dream ~The ally of~ (Nemu) TH
rino - Mirai he no Omamoririno - Mirai he no Omamori
From D.C.II To You Vocal Mini Album Copyright goes to rino and her label.

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