歌手 川澄綾子 
作詞 こだまさおり 
作曲 河合英嗣 
編曲 河合英嗣 
カテゴリ アニメ 神曲奏界ポリフォニカ クリムゾンS イメージソング
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『VALKYRIE ANATOMIA -THE ORIGIN-』(ヴァルキリーアナトミア ‐ジ・オリジン‐)のボイス集です。 通常verはVP2の音源でしたが、今回は完全録りおろしで...
Macademi Wasshoi ( Ayako Kawasumi ) Kimi no HikoukigumoMacademi Wasshoi ( Ayako Kawasumi ) Kimi no Hikoukigumo
The song from when Eneus and Takuto is having their date in episode 9.
FSN Character Image Song VII: ArcherFSN Character Image Song VII: Archer
Song Name: Rise Released: July 25, 2007 Artist: Suwabe Junichi Suwabe Junichi is the Seiyuu of Servant Archer. He is also the seiyuu of many different characters from numerous animes...
Orikasa Fumiko - Yuumachi no KazeOrikasa Fumiko - Yuumachi no Kaze
Too long it has been without ever being able to find any Orikasa Fumiko songs on youtube and I decided to add up some of my favourites from the 'Urakaka easy' album that I love so so much....

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