L'Oiseau bleu

歌手 川田まみ 
作詞 川田まみ 
作曲 C.G MIX 
編曲 C.G MIX 
閲覧数合計:3047 今月:12



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L'oiseau Bleu Image PVL'oiseau Bleu Image PV
L'oiseauBleu Image PV.
L'oiseau Bleu Image PV ver.2L'oiseau Bleu Image PV ver.2
Music from L'oiseau Bleu Live at Club Lizard Yokohama 2012.1.22. Acoustic Guitar "Ovation" was played by Akira. 音質があんまりよくないですが、出来まし ...
l'oiseau bleul'oiseau bleu
My Top 50 Kawada Mami SongsMy Top 50 Kawada Mami Songs
Never thought her discography would be this good. I'm a bigger fan of her SoL style songs, and this list showcases that pretty clearly.
青い鳥 L'Oiseau Bleu  /  Miki [ ErogesongFull 2001 ]青い鳥 L'Oiseau Bleu / Miki [ ErogesongFull 2001 ]
PCgame( eroge hentai )song full 青い鳥 L'Oiseau Bleu( aoi tori L'Oiseau Bleu ) [ Release 2001 1/26 ぱんだはうす ( PandaHouse ) ] title: 踊ってスカイ、余裕でブル.

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