歌手 白石涼子 
作詞 micco 
作曲 菊池達也 
編曲 菊池達也 
カテゴリ アニメ 初恋限定。 イメージソング
閲覧数合計:814 今月:3




かんぐぅりょっち『ダリアな気持ち』振付け講座 vol.2かんぐぅりょっち『ダリアな気持ち』振付け講座 vol.2
かんぐぅりょっちライブ2015 『9月乙女座AB型 バースデー前後夜祭♪』 ◇日時 2015年9月13日(日) ◇場所 秋葉原 CLUB GOODMAN open 16:00 start 17:00...
MY WINGS feat. THE CHILDREN (Version 3) Full Single w/LyricsMY WINGS feat. THE CHILDREN (Version 3) Full Single w/Lyrics
This is the 3rd version of the Children's OP2 "MY WINGS" from their original show, Zettai Karen Children or Psychic Squad, as it's known in the States. This is ...
You Were Always There (いつもそこに君がいた) English subbedYou Were Always There (いつもそこに君がいた) English subbed
Composed and performed (1992) by Japanese rock band "Lazy Lou's Boogie" This song was used as the fourth ending theme (1992) of Japanese Anime ...

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